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Things to do

Fun information at VILLA BONDS

You can enjoy barbecues, handheld fireworks, and bonfires (D/E/G buildings only).
The fire can be used on the premises until 21:30, but it can be started at any time after check-in ^ ^
After checking the usage guide, please enjoy using it!
  • !barbecue!

    A large barbecue stove is installed in each building.If you let us know the start time at check-in, the staff will visit you to start the fire.
    • <This is a charcoal stove>

      Guidance when using the barbecue

      【Open Hours】 After check-in, you can use it until 21:30.
      【Usage fee】 4,000 yen per building(Tax included) *Building G is included in plan fee
      【What is included in the usage fee】Cologne usage fee,fuel(Charcoal),gloves,Tongs,network,Iron plate,Paper plate,paper cup,Chopsticks *Please use the tableware, forks, and spoons provided in the room for children.
      【shopping information】
      ・Forest Mall Fuji MaxValu Fuji Store Lake Kawaguchiko 3 minutes by car, about 5 minutes on foot Business hours 7:00 Lake Kawaguchiko 23:30
      ・Famima Kawaguchiko Forest Mall mae store about 3 minutes on foot
      【please】Please refrain from bringing in stoves, braziers, etc.(Additional charcoal can be brought in.)
    • <This is the stove type installed in the D/E/G building.>

      About the stove in each building

      Charcoal stove:Buildings A, B, D, E, and G
      Dedicated charcoal stove:Building C
  • !! Drink stand BONDS!

    Please check the basic drink menu from the link!
    We also have wines that are highly requested by our guests!

    Please look forward to the arrival of VILLA BONDS recommendations other than the menu!

    ◎Please pay in cash when ordering drinks.
    • Drink stand in June 2023!

      Drink Stand・BONDS ~Sales Information~

      ・Opening Hours: From 15:00 to 21:00
      ・Business day : We will be open on the day when guests are staying!
              *However, it may be suspended if the maintenance day is applicable.
      ・Basic holiday: days without guests

      ・How to use:Order and pick up drinks at the stand window
      ・payment method:At this time, we ask that payment be made in cash at the time of ordering.
  • !! bonfire!

    You can experience the healing effect of flickering flames.(Available only in D, E, and G Buildings)
    • *The image is an image

      Enjoy concentration and relaxation with the flickering flames.

      Fires have various effects.
      ・warming effect:Fires produce warm heat and are very useful in cold weather.You can also feel the visual warmth by looking at the flames of the campfire.
      ・relaxing effect:The flames and sounds of a campfire can have a relaxing effect.Pleasant sounds, smells, and flickering flames reduce stress and help you relax.
      ・Concentration up effect:Looking at the bonfire has the effect of increasing concentration.Watching the flickering flames can naturally calm your mind and increase your concentration.
      ・Communication effect:Bonfires have the effect of promoting communication in camps and outdoor activities where people spend time in groups.Gathering around a fire and having conversations can help build relationships.
    • Bonfire usage guide(Buildings A, B, and C are prohibited from making fires.)

      Please purchase firewood for the bonfire at VILLA BONDS.
      ! It is prohibited to bring in firewood.If you bring it in, you will be charged an additional 1,000 yen!

      We offer firewood made from broad-leaved trees (cherry blossoms) so that you can enjoy the flames in a leisurely manner without feeling smoky.
      Enjoy the relaxing effect.
      At the start of the bonfire, the staff will ask you for ignition and usage information.

      ・Bonfire use time:Until 21:30
      ・Bonfire set fee:Building D/E 3,000 JPY(Tax included) *Building G:The basic set is included in the accommodation plan, and only the cost of firewood is 1,000 yen.(Tax included)
      ・burning time:Approximately two and a half hours
  • !! fireworks!

    Please let us know at check-in if you plan to have fireworks.
    • Guidance when enjoying fireworks

      Please let the front desk know if you would like to use fireworks.
      We will bring your fireworks cleanup bucket, lighters, and candles to your room and lend them to you!

      After the fireworks are over, you can leave the cleanup bucket as it is! The staff will clean up ^^