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Virus response

About correspondence of Novel Coronavirus

  • ■Alcohol disinfectant and air purifiers are installed in the front desk building and each building.

    ■At the time of check-in, all guests staying in the hotel are requested to cooperate with the non-contact thermometer to measure the temperature.

    ■When using the front desk, please use one or a small number of people and wear a mask.
    Please wait while other guests are at the front desk.

    ■At the time of cleaning, alcohol disinfection is performed mainly on the areas where fingers frequently come into contact.Also, provide adequate ventilation.

    ■The staff often wash the hands, disinfect the hands with alcohol, check the body temperature, and wear a mask to serve customers.

    ■We will take necessary measures according to the guidance of each ministry and public health center.

    ■We will work closely with related organizations such as public health centers to collect information on the Novel Coronavirus Infection.

    ■If you feel any abnormality such as fever, please inform us immediately.
    In addition, in that case, we may contact the public health center from this cottage.

    ■When requested by the public health center, we will submit the guest list for the applicable period.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.